Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most traditional and widely accepted method for garment printing.  Modern screen printing uses highly sophisticated automatic and manual presses to quickly print many shirts in a assembly-line process.  A design is broken down into separate colours representing different screens, ink is applied, and physically pushed through the screen onto the garment.  Screen printing is ideal for large production jobs.

Screen Printing  Is more suitable and economical for large logos with up to five colours. Runs greater than 25 units will be more economical. Most often used for Tee Shirts and Hoodies. For runs less than 25, screen printing may not be your best option. Keep in mind that each colour in your logo requires a separate screen. The more colours, the greater the setup and print costs. We require a vector art file for this process.

Full opacity is the way to go when you want a solid, bright prints on your garments. To achieve full opacity, we’ll print two coats of ink [sometimes three] to get the ink’s true colour. Remember—the more layers of ink we print, the thicker it will feel on your shirt. Some shirt fabrics hold ink better than others, and some shirts will still look a little transparent no matter how many layers we print.

We go above the call of duty with investments in the best equipment, highest quality inks, and a commitment to producing the best quality around.

Whether your order is 10 pieces, or 250 we put the same hands-on care into each order. From product development, to art, screens, and final product, we strive for perfection each step of the way.



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