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Decoration Options


The most elegant and popular option for logo and text on formal as well as informal wear. Logos and text need to be digitised to convert them into embroidery format files that embroidery machines can understand. We will need a good quality image (jpeg, bitmap or pdf) in order to digitise your logo.

Screen Printing

Is more suitable and economical for large logos with up to five colours. Runs greater than 25 units will be more economical. Most often used for Tee Shirts and Hoodies. For runs less than 25, screen printing may not be your best option. Keep in mind that each colour in your logo requires a separate screen. The more colours, the greater the setup and print costs. We require a vector art file for this process.

Digital Transfers

Are ideal for photographic quality logos, or for printing digital pictures. The printing involves printing on a vinyl or rubberised sheet and then heat pressing the same on to a garment. This branding is good for short runs with large complicated designs. Provided we can get vector art there will not be any setup costs.


Unlike screen printing, the detail that can be achieved in dye-sublimation is unlimited.
Your artwork is printed onto paper first and then transferred to the fabric using a heat process. The term sublimation is used as the dye in the paper transitions from the solid form to a gas without going through the liquid stage. This process is only possible on polyester material because of the high temperatures required. There are minimum quantities required for this type of decoration.

Badges (Patches)

A great option for clubs, security, fire fighters, police and paramedic uniforms. Cloth badges are usually embroidered on a special badge fabric, cut & over-locked. Minimum quantity is twelve.

Sports Numbers

These are usually digitally printed. Digital numbers are available in a range of popular colours. Numbers are applied using a heat press and are not suitable for all fabrics. (Particularly stretchy material)